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If you need a Quantity Surveyor, make us your first point of contact. We have staff across all seniority grades which we can match to your exact needs. We can also recruit a full time Quantity Surveyor to match your needs. If you're unsure what you need, thats ok, we can appriase your organisation and advise on your needs. 

We are Quantity Surveyor's therefore not a conventional sales based recruitment agency, this means we understand your needs at a technical level as well as being able to provide a unique level of support to our staff placed with you. You will not find this available with conventional recruiters. We most likely charge less as well. Try us today and see the difference for yourself.

We provide QS solutions for all organsiations large or small

  • Short term contracts from 1 day to yearly

  • Specific assignments off site if required

  • Mentoring and Development of existing staff

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