quantity surveyors

quantity surveyors

qsquick quantity surveying jobs

quantity surveyors

quantity surveyors

qsquick quantity surveying jobs

Your trusted provider for temporary or permanent Quantity Surveying across New Zealand

is QS Quick

Unlike conventional recruiters, we are Quantity Surveyors, so we understand what we are selling. Best of all we are more economical than a conventional recruiter.

Need a Quantity Surveyor, short, medium or long term? QS Quick offers a fresh approach and alternative to your standard quantity surveying recruitment companies. Quantity Surveyors have been on skill shortage list for years, how do you ensure you get great exposure for your quantity surveyor job that your hiring for? QS Quick.


First and foremost we are Quantity Surveyors so we know our business. We will also take time to understand your needs and will be able to convert these more productively than a sales based model to a better employee match . Also, unlike a conventional recruiter, we provide support to the resources deployed to ensure an enhanced level of service to the customer. Our aim is to become the company of choice for Quantity Surveying placements, your first port of call, and a trusted partner you can rely upon, rather than a single transaction.


Quantity Surveyors are in short supply, and quality can certainly be an issue, we aim to provide consistency and a reliable resource on every commission, New Zealand wide.




QS Support NZ  was founded by Paul Bishop, an expert in his field, a Chartered and Registered Quantity Surveyor,  and former Fortune 500 Company Director of an international multi disciplinary service provider with a turnover in excess of $8 Bn USD. Paul has close to 30 years industry experience and is committed to ensuring that when you when you agree you want an apple you get one, not an orange. Matching organisational requirements to people skills is crucial for a placement, commonly overlooked in the recruitment space.


Services Can be Provided to :
  • Government Departments

  • Consultant Quantity Surveyors

  • Contractor's

  • Sub Contractors

  • Suppliers

  • Individuals

Recent News

QS Quick Launched

July 2013

Applications open for freelance Quantity Surveyors Screening Process 

July 2013


Tel: 0800 906 223

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